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Medical Transcription Technology

Once you sign up with Datalyst we will explain our technology and delivery options in detail (delivery options include the Datalyst online portal, FTP, iPhone or other smartphone or toll-free telephone dictation), and you will quickly see that all file transfer methods are simple and secure.

Incredibly Secure Online Portal for Your Medical Data

Datalyst relies on an encrypted online system to receive dictations and other files from our healthcare clients. This same system is also used to store your files temporarily or long-term, depending on your office's needs.

You will have unlimited access to the incredibly easy-to-use and secure portal. You will feel confident knowing that:

  • The servers that store your data are located in the United States and are monitored 24/7.
  • Entry into our data center and access to our servers requires hand scans and a series of other security measures, which keeps your data safe.
  • Every server is backed up not once, but twice. Redundant systems mean you'll never lose a document.
  • A back-up power generator and back-up online connection ensures you can access the portal regardless of electrical outages or Internet connectivity issues on our end.
  • Datalyst US-based customer service representatives are available by phone during business hours and by email at any time, day or night.

While we employ the latest technology to ensure the integrity of Private Health Information (PHI), we make every effort to make our systems as easy as possible to use. You and other users in your office (if you choose to have multiple users) will have 24/7 access to our system and your files, and the technology is completely scalable, which means our services can expand as your practice expands.

See for yourself how Datalyst medical transcription and data services can benefit you. Contact us and request a free trial.